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Read in №1 (19) from March, 25th, 2009


The World championship on "the Combined pyramid": tournament of paradoxes
Specificity of Kazakhstan as places provede-nija the championships of the international level consists in special solemnity. On February, 21-24st, becoming the owner of the World championship on «the Combined pyramid», the city of Almaty has surpassed itself.
The championship of Russia 2009: fight not for the nervous
On February, 14-17th streets of Barnaul were literally flooded with the people armed with long covers who hastened every morning in Lenin's hundred-ronu prospectuses. There, behind walls but-vogo billiard centre "Bohemia", sports-menam it was necessary to find out, who from them is more worthy an honorary title of the champion of Russia on «the Free pyramid».
Superiority of Russia: the best among the young
At the very beginning of 2009 in Beehive-novska streets it was possible to see unusual many young man and girls with billiard wardrobe trunks behind shoulders. From February, 4 till February, 8th here passed superiority россии on «the Free pyramid» among young men, to contend forces in which young billiard talents from all country have gathered.

The person

Konstantin Stepanov. Burn, burn, its star!
This year Konstantin Ste-panova's star to the present was lighted on a sky-slope of the international pool. Посудите sa: he successfully participated practically in all main competitions, among koto-ryh the European championships and the world, «World Cup of Pool» and the Cup Moscow horses.
Michael Kazakov: I have settled the Limit of passion on a scene
Now to Michael Kozakov almost 70. Nevertheless, when have lowered a curtain after oche-rednogo performance, the master long not otpus-kali the happy fans asking the autograph or the permissions sfotografiro-vatsja near to the favourite actor. Dejstvi-telno, a star. Despite weariness of Mi-hail Mihajlovich has agreed to communicate to our journalist.
Tatyana Sirotina: the woman-nonsense
High, prompt, long-legged, harmonous … the Woman-holiday... It seems that to Tatyana Sirotinoj and to do especially it is necessary nothing, simply enough to smile charming is white-zuboj a smile, to look in eyes sobesed-niku the brown eyes, and everything, business is solved, all will be how she wants.

Photocompetition results

Billiard tables from Factory "Start" in your interior
The billiard table always gives to the house any unusual cosiness. But even the smartest table will look it ridiculous if not to think over room registration, after all the major element of such beautiful game as billiards, deserves a worthy environment. The interior billiards th is a special indicator of style and taste of the master of the house.

Billiards with national colour

Billiards in Tajlande: all for the blessing of the tourist
Having visited Thailand, I should podgoto-twist the survey material, devoted that-moshnemu to billiards. This country is one of the most favourite directions for tourists from every corner of the globe, including for Russians. So, if you plan a trip to Thailand and are going to play party another during holiday, this article will be especially useful to you.

Game history

Sincere game: all truth about "Blek боле"
In the billiard world there are games which not especially and are familiar to the usual reader. That is to hear about them, can, and heard, but that they such and with what them eat, know it-nogie. One of such little-known times-novidnostej of billiards is «Blek бол». Having appeared in pubs and gradually having fallen outside the limits pleasure the manager-deny, it was issued in independent discipline. So, what such «Blek бол»?.

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