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On March, 16th, 2009

These capable Englishmen, or Not снукером the uniform Foggy Albion is live

Britain – first of all, снукерная power. Englishmen have thought up this kind of billiards. They remain permanent kings снукера and while only Asians are capable to make it an any competition. England has presented to great Steve Devisa's world and Ronni О'Салливана, Jimmy Vajta, Peter Ebdona and many other star players. In this country traditionally pass the largest снукерные competitions – the World championship and the championship of Great Britain.
The big weight to the international image of England is given by the company «Matchroom Sport» about which we already repeatedly wrote. It is the organizer of the largest competitions on a pool and a popular series of tournaments «Premier League Snooker».  
About last billiard events Englishmen learn from specialised magazines “Cue Sport” and “Snooker Scene”. And competitions on снукеру willingly broadcast local television channels – including a national network "Air Forces".
In England it is almost impossible to get the game textbook on a pool. Such books simply are not present. With снукером affairs are better. A gentlemen's set of large shops – the textbook «Snooker: Know the Game», written referee Ken Williams, «Snooker and Billiards» Klajva of an Everton and the biography of Ronni О'Салливана.
The pool history in England is very short – it has got here the sports status about ten years ago. In this time Englishmen have considerably succeeded in development of discipline new to and the conventional authorities have literally rushed on the European arena, сметая on the way. Thus, to speak about any conservatism of inhabitants of Foggy Albion it is not necessary.
The most well-known пулисты in England – Imran Madzhid, Mark Grej, Deril Pich, Mike Rogers, Ien Vest, Radzh Hundal, Kevin Uzzell. There are also others, a class more low. Besides, in London conducts trainer's activity very known player from the Netherlands Riko Dix is no time. Here quite often наведывается Maltese Toni Drago, for which England – all the same that the second house. Among sportsmen widespread "exhibition" activity (from a word «exhibition» as here name demonstration performances). Steve Devis, Jimmy Vajt, Imran Madzhid and other professional players regularly arrange show and master classes in clubs on all country. Besides an obvious commercial basis it has also educational value – so usual people join billiards and learn about game a lot of the new.
In Incorporated Kingdom the organisation called «British Professional Pool Players Association» (BPPPA) is engaged in pool development. Its name is translated a little in a complicated manner – «the British Association professional пулистов». BPPPA is a member of the World Confederation of billiard sports (WCBS) and the World Association of pool-billiards (WPA).
Under the aegis of the British Association a fourth year a series of rating tournaments «British Professional 9 Ball Tour» in which leading sportsmen of the country take part is spent. By means of the affiliated organisation – «British Wheelchair Pool Players Association» – BPPPA pays steadfast attention to sports of invalids with infringement of the oporno-impellent device. It is not surprising that the British players are included into number of favourites of a battalion колясочников on the European championship. For a pool in England, as a matter of fact, it is a lot of tables. Only there is one "But" - all of them «неформатные», 6-foot. That is to play them it is possible, however it will not have something in common any more with sports. Serious players to such a foot. But the small pool quite suits ordinary citizens. It enters into the typical entertaining set of English pubs including also a darts and desktop football.
If you have appeared in London and wish to play some parties "a full-size" pool, we offer you some addresses:
Elbow Room
103 Westbourne Grove, W2 4UW
How to reach: by the underground to station "Bayswater" or “Notting Hill Gate”
Sports Café
80 Haymarket, SW1Y 4TE
How to reach: by the underground to station “Picadilly Circus”
104-108 Curtain Road, EC2A 3AH
How to reach: by the underground or by an electric train to station “Old Street” \the bus № 55
Fuller list of clubs can be found in the directory “Bars, Pubs and Clubs” series “Time Out. London”. There Is such edition 8.99 £ and is on sale in the bookshops of a network extended across all London “Borders”. The club life in England is accurately subdivided into week-end and everyday life. During working week pleasure institutions remain thin. But on Friday and on Saturday evening all direct «on rest». To reserve billiard tables and little tables at restaurants it is necessary in advance – after 6 o'clock in the evening of empty seats not to find anywhere. Cost of hour of game in снукер fluctuates from 2.5 pounds \hours in the morning to 6 pounds \hours and above in the evening. The pool is much more expensive, hour of game per usual club can reach 3, 5 pounds and are more.
The most numerous network of billiard clubs of England belongs to company "Rileys". It includes the institutions united under the general names “Breaks”, “Colours”, “Suzy Q” and, actually, “Rileys”. In total on their country is over fifty. As a rule, these clubs are equipped both снукерными, and пуловскими by tables. Annual membership here costs 25 pounds.
The night life in England depresses – usual pleasure institutions and the most part of pubs are closed to 2nd o'clock in the morning. But billiard clubs, as a rule, work round the clock.
Almost each club of England holds regular tournaments for the habitues.
The most popular drink of English clubs – beer. A traditional dish – сендвичи, and also «фиш энд чипс» (fried fish with a potato).
And if you wish to come to be in the centre of the London sports party, go to club “Rileys IQ”, located near “Victoria Coach Station” (16, Semley Place, London, SW1W 9QJ). This place name «the House of champions». Many sportsmen here train, here Ronni О'Салливан from time to time looks. In club there are tables both for a pool, and for снукера. A unique problem «House of champions» are high prices which reach 15 £ at an o'clock.
As to Russian billiards, with it in England absolutely hardly. To find a table it is almost impossible – at least, it was not possible to me. Perhaps somewhere in private Russian club also there is one, but anybody knows nothing about it. And special draught to learn I for Englishmen have not noticed. Some of them heard about "Pyramid" - but no more that. They consider this game too difficult and, will not believe … the boring! Well, as they say, to everyone the. But, if Englishmen all the same have taken a great interest in "Pyramid", I think, they and here have shown themselves. Such here the capable nation.
It is necessary to mention that now English billiard clubs test not the best times. It is connected with an interdiction for smoking in public places which will come into force on July, 1st, 2007. It officially declared Ministry of Health of Great Britain. And as
Behind game it is traditionally accepted to smoke, billiard clubs search for a way to keep for the visitors for as much as possible comfortable conditions. For this purpose game premises which settled down in shopping centres, sports complexes or other large buildings, urgently change the disposition, "getting over" on the ground floors, is closer to exits from buildings that fans of a tobacco smoke had possibility to smoke in places specially taken away for this purpose, without breaking the law and without coming off game for a long time.
To buy снукерный кий it is possible on the average for 40 pounds. Nominal series киёв – «Ronnie O'Sullivan», «Jimmy White», «Paul Hunter» and others use huge popularity
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