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On March, 16th, 2009

Снукер on coast of Neva

European Billiards and Snooker Association (EBSA), Federation of Billiard Sports of Russia (ФБСР), Federation of Billiard Sports of St.-Petersburg (ФБС SPb), with support of Committee on physical training and sports of the government of St.-Petersburg are glad to present to your attention remarkable event in a sports life of Russia and St.-Petersburg – the European championship on снукеру.

Scales of the championships for St.-Petersburg are unprecedented. Throughout the whole week, from March, 18 till March, 26th снукера from coast of Neva, and also to numerous city visitors, possibility to observe of command competitions of women, men till 40 years will be presented to admirers, men is more senior 40 years, and also competitions of juniors till 19 years on personal superiority. Some hundreds fans from 22 countries of Europe will take part in tournament, including Russia more than 170 players, over 60 judges and officials.

It is allowed to each country to declare on one command in each category. Russia as to a receiving party, the remarkable chance is given to show good results – to us are allocated quotas for four commands in a category of the "Man", four – in a category of the "Master", three - in a category of "Woman", possibility to expose three players on the youthful championship is given. On a result to battle for honour of Russia on competitions 29 participants from Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Tyumen, Ekaterinburg, Perm, Saratov and Surgut will gather .

Let's remind that the victory in individual youthful competitions is most desired for all participants since the winner receives "permit" in mejn-round for a new season. Struggle is necessary serious. The greatest fear inspire, certainly, players from England, Ireland and Scotland, the shown excellent results in last championship.

The platform for carrying out of so status event, had been chose an entertaining complex "the Leader" who has recently opened after reconstruction. In "Leader" it will be temporarily established 20 снукерных the tables completely corresponding to standards of World Federation Snukera, game zones and spectator places are equipped, electronic boards are established, the account from each table will be deduced on the big screen.

On the Internet on a resource all information, concerning will be presented time of carrying out of competitions, players, a tournament grid, and during championship passage it will be possible to trace the account on parties from each table in real time. Final tables will be equipped by web cameras for Internet translations.
The information was given by the deputy director of direction "Snuker" ФБСР and the director of the European championship on снукеру 2009 - Igor Hatin.
Team championship of Europe on снукеру and the European championship among juniors
From March, 18 till March, 26th, 2009 St.-Petersburg, Russia.
Calendar of competitions

Wednesday on March, 18th
        - Meeting of players and judges  19.00
 - Opening ceremony                  20.00
Since Thursday on March, 19th till Thursday on March, 26th: Competitions in groups on circular system:
- 3 sessions / 10.00 / 14.00 / 18.00
Saturday on March, 21st:
 - Meeting of juniors and ceremony of a greeting 19.00
Since Sunday 22 till Tuesday on March, 24th:
 - Competitions in groups on circular system among juniors, 6 sessions / (to 3 victories)
- 10.00 / 11.30 / 13.00 and 16.00 / 17:30 / 19.00
Wednesday on March, 21st
 - 1/32 juniors (to 4 victories)        10.00
 - 1/16 juniors (to 4 victories)  13.00
 - Quarterfinals seigneurs  13.00
 - Quarterfinals of the man  13.00
 - Quarterfinals juniors (to 4 victories)  19.00
 - Semi-finals seigneurs  19.00
 - Semi-finals of the man  19.00

Thursday on March, 26th 
 -  Semi-finals juniors (to 5 victories)  10.00
 -  The endings of the woman and seigneurs  13.00
 -  The endings of the man and juniors (to 6 victories) 16.00
 -  Closing ceremony.  20.00

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