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On March, 16th, 2009

There is a preparation for tournament

Voronezh prepares for carrying out of an open cup of Chernozem region on «the Combined pyramid». For three days in April this city becomes the centre of events of a billiard life. Traditionally on tournament the strongest sportsmen not only region, but also Russia, and also all world gather.
Open Cup of Chernozem region on
«To the combined pyramid»
1. The purposes and problems
Development of billiard sports in the Central Black Earth part of Russia;
Increase of skill of sportsmen;
Revealing of the strongest players of Central Black Earth region;
Popularisation of billiard sports in the Central Black Earth part of Russia.

2. A place and time of carrying out of competition
The cup is spent in Voronezh on April, 9-12th 2009 г in billiard club «Seventh billiard pocket» to the address: Voronezh, K.Marx's street, д. 68 ph. 8 (4732) 20-44-30,
Registration of participants of competition is spent in б/к «7 Billiard pocket» about Voronezh of street of K.Marx д. On April, 68 9th 2009 г till 21.00 o'clock, a toss-up on April, 9th 2009 г at 21 o'clock 30минут.
Tournament opening: on April, 10th at 10.00 o'clock.
The beginning of games: on April, 10th at 11 o'clock 30 minutes
On April, 11th at 9.00 o'clock
The ending will pass on April, 12th at 12.00 o'clock

3. Placing of participants
For placing of participants hotels are offered
Hotels: "Brno", street Plehanovsky, д.9, ph. 8 (4732) 50-92-49
"Russia", street Theatrical, д.23, ph. 8 (4732) 55-58-98
"Builder", street Alekseevsky, д.15, ph. 8 (4732) 55-55-55
All hotels are located from billiard club in 2 – 10 minutes of walking.

4. The organisation and a management of superiority
The general management carries out department of formation, sports and the youth policy of the Voronezh region. Direct carrying out of competition is assigned on ОО «Federation of billiard sports of the Voronezh region», administration BK «Seventh Billiard pocket».

5. Participants of competition
To participation in tournament all interested persons who have paid a monetary payment of 2500 rbl. (young men and girls to 18 summer age – 1000 rbl.) are supposed.
The prize fund makes not less than 300 000 rbl. and is distributed as follows.:
1 place – 100 000 rbl.
2 place – 70 000 rbl.
3 place – 40 000 rbl.
4 place – 30 000 rbl.
5 place – 8 place – 10 000 rbl.
9 place – 16 place – 2 500 rbl.
The form of clothes of the established sample: dark trousers (not jeans), a white shirt, a vest, a tie – the butterfly, black shoes. In other form of clothes players to competition will not be admitted.

6. Conditions of carrying out of competition
Tournament is spent on 24 tables of factory "Start" in 2 clubs «Seventh Billiard pocket», under the scheme with выбыванием after the second defeat with an exit on direct Olympic system from 64 or 32 persons depending on quantity of participants. The quantity of parties in a meeting is defined by a judiciary board after a toss-up.
Competitions are spent by the rules, developed ФБСР.

7. Financing
Competitions finance:
1. Billiard club «Seventh Billiard pocket» (the operational expenditure, valuable prizes, a prize fund)
2. The manufacturer of the professional billiard equipment factory "Start" (valuable prizes and gifts)
3. Private brewery "Artel" (Prize fund)
4. Department of formation, sports and the youth policy of the Voronezh region
5. Federation of billiard sports of the Voronezh region.

The participant occupied the first the places, is awarded by the Cup, a medal, the diploma and a valuable prize. For 2-3 place — a medal, a cup, the diploma and a valuable prize. For 4-8 place - the diploma, a cup and a valuable prize. For 9-16 place - a valuable prize.
9. Application forms for participation
Application forms for participation move: Billiard club «Seventh Billiard pocket» 8(4732) 20-44-30, 554-157
Bodies. And a fax of school 8(4732) 35-51-96

The president of OO ФБС of the Voronezh region And. M.Kotenko

Director БК «the Seventh billiard pocket» D.V.Harchenko

The given position is an official call on competition

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