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On March, 17th, 2009

Konstantin Zolotilov has won the second stage of the Cup of Russia

The raised prize-winning have involved impressive number of participants — 52 persons. From two different half the basic favourites of tournament aspired to the ending — Konstantin Stepanov and Artem Koshevoj. But, as they say, "have not reached". Stepan's Russian has lost to the Ukrainian to the New garden, and Ukrainian Koshevoj — to Russian Plishkinu. Konstantin Zolotilov became contender Plishkina on the ending.
In the beginning of a match Egor Plishkin has come forward after pair errors of the Bone — 3-1, but then the wind was changed, and Egor has obviously become unstuck, having lost a game thread. An error on a laying, unsuccessful robbery — and the account was made even. Then — two with кия from Zolotilova, the next not hammered sphere from Plishkina — and the account already 6-3. The next error from Plishkina, the next nine a combination from Zolotilova — and the account becomes 8-3. It is a high time to reflect from grandiose комбэке, but Egor manages only one party. Next неудачнй robbery, and, collecting party with кия, Zolotilov becomes the winner of tournament.
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