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On March, 18th, 2009

Mental and physical restoration in billiards

Intense trainings and games promote a raising of mood and health strengthening. If you have won, you are overflowed with joyful emotions and experiences. But in professional sports there is also such concept – sports burning out which consists that after concrete game or a certain time piece there is an unwillingness to play.
The condition similar to depression – mood recession, the apathy, the suppressed mood can develop. It occurs owing to a nervous breakdown of the player. If such condition in time not to stop, it is possible to lose time enough, spending senseless trainings and games. That it not to admit, it is necessary to watch the physical and mental state of health and in time to restore the forces. Recommendations which are in this article, it is possible to use and in case of exhausting tournaments lasting many days.
The major principle underlying restoration in billiards, – to offer an organism of the player alternative to those conditions in which it stays at competitions, having replaced with their conditions conducting to restoration of spent forces. I will analyse some elements of that surrounds the player in game from the point of view of influence on an organism, and also I will consider methods of restoration of the sportsman.
It is necessary to notice that restoration methods should become a part of professional work of the player. Only constant psychohygiene will exclude professional burning out and will allow to take high places at competitions. Besides, it is necessary to remember that the mode and discipline are unseparable companions of the professional sportsman.
Let's begin with conditions at competitions. Premises in which tournaments on billiards, as a rule, not so big are held. Sometimes players settle down very close from spectators. All it promotes mental pressure which can consist not only in noise of public, but also is simple in the presence of the people who are watching closely movements of the sportsman. Competitions differ from usual training by pressure presence. Sometimes the player, finishing a match, remains in space of a game hall, testing pressure of a hall and watching closely game of contenders. To study better after the tournament termination, and during it it is necessary to take care of the resources.
The organism of the player, its mentality need to give alternative to a premise where there passed game. After game by the best regenerative strategy there can be an exit from a place of carrying out of tournament on open space. Spectators and hall pressure can take away considerable quantity of energy and forces. The considerable quantity of the people coming on games, involves additional irritation of nervous system and weariness. After game it is necessary to leave from обще ния, even with friends. Dialogue before ставляет itself the big temptation, but is difficult когнитивным the process demanding expenses of energy. Conversations and game discussion can make active even more a brain, upset a night dream. If at you obvious requirement to express, share the emotions it is better to find the person who approaches for this purpose in the maximum image. But if you feel that during conversation you start to lose mental energy conversation is better for finishing.
Now about illumination of a game table. It is necessary to notice that artificial light exposure of a game table makes strong impact on an organism, creates the precondition for weariness at first an optic nerve, and subsequently – all organism. It has been established that 40 % of all weariness of our organism are necessary from the pressure caused by work of an eye. After game create to itself not too bright illumination, maybe, it is necessary to be in the a bit blacked out premise. It is not necessary to read, work after game on the computer, to play slot machines or to be engaged in any activity where eyes unduly strain.
Premise air in which tournaments are held, can contain anything you like. And to you has very much carried, if the premise is aired or, even better, there is constantly working conditioner. And if indoors smoke, and the quantity of people reads off scale? For restoration it is recommended to enrich a brain oxygen. Dare to make after games walks on wood or park, doing deep breaths and exhalations by a stomach, with a small delay of breath on an exhalation.
Now we will address to the internal processes occurring in mentality of the player, to that influence which the information renders on mentality. The pro during game is literally overloaded by the information. Information streams start to be formed before the game. Who participates in tournament, in what form your contenders that your contender – and so on has won before. And if not you, are exact someone from your environment something about forthcoming game will throw. I already wrote that billiards – a kind which does not assume direct collision with the opponent. The player, as a matter of fact, plays with itself. Therefore the less player will have the superfluous information prior to the beginning of the game, the better.
In the game the situations developed on a table, absolutely different, absolutely not similar one on another. The player is literally oversaturated by the information, and this information possesses property to change, is dynamic. And so not to admit an overload of a brain after game, it is necessary to create to itself such space and conditions in which it is a little information streams. The brain burdened by the superfluous information, constantly demands additional blood for its processing, hence, there is an additional pressure of cardiovascular and nervous system that can lead to their easing or an exhaustion. Restriction in the information will allow to unload an organism, to be prepared for a dream. If it does not occur, loss of a dream takes place and, hence, next day you will be not ready to game.
The important mental process influencing game, the attention is. In game at each player an own method of concentration of attention. The attention is necessary for holding at certain level, it creates pressure which exhausts an organism. After game it is necessary to offer the organism something another – to distract, make attention more absent-minded. Allow your attention to be everywhere and anywhere, disperse it. For this purpose after game it is necessary to find the corresponding employment comprehensible to you which do not demand the big concentration of attention.
Now it is a little about muscular pressure. Constant pressure of the same groups of muscles leads to their exhaustion. For their restoration it is necessary to offer a body something other, distinct from that muscles in game did. It is important to give them a relaxation. After game massage, a sauna will be pertinent. If it is not present anything, it is possible to lay down simply on an equal floor and to have a rest, deeply to breathe a stomach. And it is possible to make a heat bath for 10–15 minutes in the evening, it will give weakening effect. It is important to player to have skills of self-massage of humeral and cervical department and from time to time to mass these muscles.
Now we will reduce together described components of external and internal circle of the player in the table.
Besides the described principles the player can use special methods of influence on the organism. In particular, I train the clients in technicians of self-hypnosis, an intensive concentration of attention both on designed by the person, and on spontaneously appearing internal images, feelings, emotions and symbols. It is possible to name an example of actually designed reality this or that colour (for example, visualisation of dark blue colour – calms, and red – raises nervous system). And an example of spontaneously shown internal reality used in self-hypnosis, it is possible to name warming of hands or suddenly come visual image.
In the psychological literature the set the technician of self-hypnosis, and not essentially is described, what method is used by the player for restoration. As a result самопоглощенности the internal reality arising at use of self-hypnosis, the person spends itself through sequence of steps. Among steps the termination of internal dialogue which becomes if not a condition, the factor promoting occurrence in the changed condition of consciousness is important. This internal dialogue in sport willows - ache activity often delivers set of problems, especially before competitions, for example, preventing to fall asleep.
Practice of any the technician based on self-hypnosis, promotes elimination of the internal dialogue arising, as a rule, spontaneously. To reach the termination of internal dialogue it is possible by an attention concentration simultaneously on several objects. At employment by self-hypnosis it is necessary to consider that its occurrence is caused also by change of system of representation and processing of the arriving information, possible at change of a condition of consciousness aside more concentrated and focused attention. Immersing in a trance includes moving of attention from external sensations on internal, as it is necessary, if we speak about restoration.
In end I will remind what to practise the specified methods of restoration it is necessary regularly that will make you more strongly, will raise your class of the player.
Pavel ПОНОМАРЕВ, the psychologist

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