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On June, 16th, 2009

Iwan Simonis - cloth for your table.

What should be cloth of your table

If you really love billiards, you should think very well over it is necessary to cover with what cloth your table. In spite of the fact that the choice of cloth of a table is only an insignificant share of your expenses, it - absolutely important point which will enormously affect further quality of game.

Cloth should adjoin easily and densely to a plate to allow players to play a maximum of their possibilities and constantly to be improved. It should provide the perfect and absolute smoothness of a plate to allow a sphere to slide quickly and precisely, according to the set player a direction, and to provide a constancy of speed of its blows.

Billiard cloth Iwan Simonis is officially recognised cloth of the World Tournament on Professional billiards, Euroround, the European billiard Federation, the World Federation on a pool of Billiard rounds of Kemel About. For last 200 years only one cloth could smooth all lacks and imperfections of the plates made even from the best slate in the world on the present.

As the masterpiece is created

Usual woollen cloth weave from a yarn made of long and short fibres, bound together. So cloth with a simple fleecy surface turns out.

In a case all begins cloth Simonis that from the most qualitative wool, highly skilled workers manually and delete the shortest fibres, and long braid together and intertwine in a yarn. This technology is the present quality symbol, corporate style Simonis. On quality it is till now unsurpassed in all тканеобрабатывающей the industries. Cloth made in such a way, becomes strong and at the same time absolutely smooth. Final process of processing leaves a surface without a uniform fiber.

Here already more than 300 years cloth Simonis remains the leader in the market segment. Simonis today is the greatest company in the world, engaged exclusively manufacture of cloth for billiards. For other manufacturers billiard cloth - only a lateral line of manufacture.

Why Simonis - your best choice?

That that favourably distinguishes cloth Simonis from any other cloth is how it influences quality of game. Spend a hand on a surface, and you will feel that on it there is no even the slightest pile which could start to fade in due course and to form катышки, dents and bald spots on a table surface.

Cloth Simonis provides decades absolutely smooth, equal surface which gives to players a game constancy, the exact screw and good отскок from a board at each blow.

As cloth weave from superstrong камвольных пряж, Simonis it is possible to use in 2-3 times longer, than any other cloth so it easily resists to deterioration from usual game.

Because of the high maintenance of wool Simonis from камвольной a wool any other cloth resists to burns from blows much better, than.

Simonis from камвольной a wool, with its excellent quality of an interlacing and homogeneous structure, guarantees durability and enormous wear resistance. It does not require at all replacement so often, as cloth made of other, less qualitative materials.

The faultless surface without the slightest defect is why Simonis some generations lie on tables worldwide already and is official cloth of prestigious world tournaments.

Usual yarn
Kamvolnaja yarn

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