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On June, 16th, 2009

Billiard spheres Aramith - a legend in the billiards world.

Some decades the Belgian billiard spheres of Aramit (Aramith) have legendary reputation thanks to outstanding durability and uncompromising quality. In 80 percent of players used almost all over the world, they are the main recommendation in the billiard industry. Excellent quality of spheres of Aramit made by firm Saljuk in Belgium, grows out of hi-tech process which connects matchless characteristics фенолоальдегидной pitches to graceful Belgian skill. Constantly reliable operational qualities of spheres guarantee to players pleasure against game with the perfected accuracy. Their exclusive durability allows the owner of a billiard table to cut down annual expenses on spheres. Thus, Aramit during here already almost half a century bears the legendary reputation and admits as a sign on original and unsurpassed quality.

Not only pleasure, but also the wise investment

The investment into quality

Ideal sphericity and equation - the constant weight and hardness - brilliant colours - resisting to a friction качение and reaction - here only a few from key characteristic features, thanks to which Aramit has won the world reputation of a leading billiard sphere. Spheres of Aramit are the spheres approved among others for the international tournaments and the championships.


The investment on all life

Billiard spheres from фенолоальдегидной pitches of Aramit remain in a good condition to 5 times longer on service life, than other spheres made of polymers or polyester. The test device of game in billiards proves it: spheres from фенолоальдегидной pitches of Aramit are still quite suitable for game even after 400000 blows whereas other spheres are already absolutely unsuitable for it. Therefore it is logical that spheres of Aramit are a good choice both for commercial, and for private owners of billiard tables.

The economical investment

Thanks to exclusively long service life, spheres of Aramit guarantee the lowest expenses during long time. Very firm фенолоальдегидная the surface sharply reduces burn stains, both on spheres, and on a table covering. As a result it is necessary to polish and replace spheres much less that saves both time, and money.

The profitable investment

Spheres of Aramit on a billiard table involve players of league and tournaments. They raise qualitative image and reputation луба. Constant players and beginners remain in club to improve the game. Bringing more incomes of each billiard table at decrease in working costs, spheres of Aramit help to increase profit. A fine way to see the present colour of money.


Fenolno-aldegidnaja pitch of Aramit: three distinctive characteristics

Strong structure

Unlike a design of a number stopper at spheres from polyester, in the concept of Aramit of number are precisely engraved in a firm core which passes through all sphere. The cores made thus with numbers cannot come unstuck in due course. Use фенолоальдегидной pitches provides homogeneous properties in each part of a sphere. Homogeneous in such degree that when the rupture moment (and in a case with a sphere of Aramit cargo a minimum of 5 tons is for this purpose necessary), at last, is reached, the sphere will break absolutely at random, instead of along a section line between a strip and other part of a sphere as it would be possible to expect.

Resistibility to burn stains

The billiard sphere which has received blow, only for a fraction of a second is accelerated from 0 to more than 30 km/h. Owing to a friction between a sphere and a covering of a table the temperature can easily reach 250С. That is why spheres of Aramit are unique, made of the presents фенолоальдегидных pitches: their molecular structure provides stability to these heats therefore spheres of Aramit are entirely protected from the Burn stains caused by a friction. They keep the intensive shine and smoothness throughout the long period of time. Result of all of it is the minimum deterioration of a sphere and a table covering.

High crash-worthiness

As drawing of blows on a sphere is essence of game in billiards, crash-worthiness is a determinative. Process теплообработки фенолоальдегидной pitches of Aramit completely stabilises a material stretching. It creates стеклообразную a surface with high density that gives the maximum crash-worthiness. Tests show that фенолоальдегидные spheres of Aramit maintain more than in 50 times more blows, than other spheres from polymers or polyester. Spheres of Aramit also twice have more resistance to a scratching. Hence, intensively used even on less well-groomed billiard tables spheres of Aramit it is doubtless much less, than others, are damaged by fastening of pockets, mechanisms of a table or кием.


Fenolno-aldegidnaja pitch of Aramit: it is conceived for game with a split-hair accuracy

Guaranteed "without polyester", present фенолоальдегидные spheres of Aramit possess all properties which the exacting player expects.


Constant density balance are essential to the control of speed, a direction, spinning, blow and отскока in game. Through отверждённая фенолоальдегидная pitch offers unique advantage of completely stabilised material with homogeneous density on all sphere of Aramit. The Centre of gravity which is in the centre of a sphere, provides ideal balance which guarantees as a result absolutely correct and exact качение.


Much more important, than sphere maximum deviations, are abilities отскока spheres. Only predicted отскоки allow to return strategically into place struck billiard sphere for optimisation of following blow. Unique elasticity фенолоальдегидной pitches of Aramit was откалибрована for optimum level achievement отскока to allow players to supervise completely effect of each blow.


The world approval

Exclusive use фенолоальдегидных spheres of Aramit the majority of professional circles, federations and amateur leagues in the championships and tournaments all over the world is conclusive acknowledgement of reputation of quality and excellent: functioning of spheres of Aramit.

When quality is a tradition

1. As the material from which spheres are produced, is solving for their quality and functioning, firm Saljuk uses only фенолоальдегидную the pitch made at its own factory. Thus, Saljuk can supervise characteristics of the spheres providing qualitative game.
2. For manufacturing of each sphere it is used 13-etapnyj production within 23 days, including processes of casting and твердения in a combination with unique grinding and modern technology of polishing.
3. Throughout all production the automated technology inseparably linked with our skill also provides a constancy of the diametrical admission and sphericity for each set of spheres of Aramit.
4. The computerisation цветокомпозиций and engraving of numbers guarantees accurately and with the big skill the made billiard spheres. Therefore, each new sphere which should replace old, will approach to any set!
5. Despite the numerous automated and statistical quality assurance, spent for maintenance of the constant specifications, each sphere before to leave factory, it is checked also manually to deliver to a distribution worldnet reliable production.
6. Quality also means respect for environment. Firm Saljuk has the whole water-purifying construction which includes the processes which are not bringing harm to environment, with advanced technology of processing of a waste at the order.

The commodity assortment meeting any requirements

Whether are you the private owner of the billiard table, wishing to buy a set of the spheres, giving pleasure very long time, or the owner of a billiard table in the commercial scale, aspiring to monitoring of expenses and profit maximisation, spheres of Aramit are designed and made so that you to satisfy.

Pool, снукер, карамболь, йотсудама, a casino... Making more than 800 various billiard spheres, firm Saljuk has full commodity assortment of various quality and a price level at the order.

Here our most popular products

Pool: Super Aramith Pro (Super Aramit About)

Fine colours and numbers, strong structure, the maximum accuracy and exclusive durability have been designed in a set of spheres for game in pool Super Aramith Pro for satisfaction of the trading requirements, concerning quality and expenses.

Снукер: Aramith Tournament Champion (Aramit Turnement the Champion)

Officially recognised as the World Association Professionalnoju of Billiards and Snukera (WPBSA), Tournament Champion is a leading product in the world снукера. Its unique density (1,87) is widely recognised and serves as a key to excellent game.

Карамболь: Super Aramith Tournament (Super Aramit Turnement)

Карамболь can quite be considered as the most difficult discipline of billiards. The majority of world champions trains and plays with a set of spheres Super Aramith Tournament as unsurpassed functioning of these spheres allows them to reach new records constantly.

The certificate of Quality Aramith

The commodity assortment of Aramita includes two main degrees of quality, defined basically the various types of pitch of Aramit which are used, and also the specifications of quality assurance connected with it.

1. Aramith Premier (Aramit of Premieres) (a green box)

In spite of the fact that sets Aramith Premier less wearproof, than sets Super Aramith, they, however, offer service life to 5 times longer, than other materials. Each sphere is checked by 7 criteria: density, balance, the diametrical admission, sphericity, colour, polishing of a surface and shine. All numbers are engraved according to very strict requirements.

2. Super Aramith, Super Aramith Pro, Aramith Tournament Champion are the best products of commodity assortment.

Made according to very strict admissions and the norms, each sphere in these sets, except numerous regular контролей, has been individually measured. It provides the maximum constancy from a sphere to a sphere for the purpose of drawing up of a homogeneous set for the present perfection during game. The pitches used for these sets of the first-rate quality, even more raise sphere and covering service life. Their transparent стекловидная the surface is through отверждённой that allows spheres to keep the characteristic features throughout unusually long period of time. Thanks to this unique degree of quality these sets became the most used internationally on tournaments and the championships.


As constantly there are novelties, check your goods. Each time is applied on boxes with spheres the new information on the goods, the label on a box will draw your attention. It will be a guarantee of that you will always receive the newest information, concerning all improvements of production, novelties and campaigns for goods advancement on the market.

Be careful of fakes

Despite the fact that. What is the spheres from polymers and polyester try to simulate appearance and-or packing of commodity assortment of Aramita - any of them cannot offer quality фенолоальдегидной pitch. Though also beautiful in a box, the majority of them looks absolutely differently in some hours of game. Be careful of fakes and check presence of a logo and-or the name of Aramita on a box to be convinced that you have the present set from фенолоальдегидной pitches of Aramit.

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