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On June, 17th, 2009

Faultless Dynamics - кии handwork

Billiard cues not casually often compare to musical instruments. It is enough to skilled master to take кий in a certain place, to strike on it as on strings, and on a sound it is capable to define, how much this кий is good. Continuing analogy, it is possible with full confidence, to carry кии handwork źDinamika Billiards╗ to those tools which do not give false notes.

Here some years factory "Dynamics" is engaged in manufacturing киев handwork for Russian pyramid. In manufacture the best grades of wood are used, at factory is established new специализированнее the import equipment, existing technologies are improved and new scientific approaches take root. All it allows to raise constantly quality киев źDinamika Billiards╗, to expand a lineup and to offer the most interesting prices. Each product passes strict quality assurance. The leading designers having own long-term experience, maintain relations with professional advisers and leading sportsmen, watching that production met the necessary requirements.

The Vice-president and the head coach of Federation of billiard sports of Russia George Spetanovich Mitasov has personally transferred to experts of factory "Dynamics" secrets of teacher Andrey Petrovicha Chemodanova. The Person-legend of Russian billiards was not only the ingenious player giving lessons to many historical persons, but also the great master. The glory about it киях, not having the price, went even long before revolution. In many respects thanks to manuals and councils of the deserved trainer of Russia, кии źDinamika Billiards╗ can apply for an appreciation not only fans, but also professionals.

Besides consultations of direct experts on billiard business in a manufacture basis киев źDinamika Billiards╗ such sciences as kinematics and the theory of a firm body lie also. Scientifically well-founded approach has allowed to study various breeds of wood and to stop the choice on strictly certain grades which are ideally suited for manufacture киев. On structure these trees прямослойные also possess high density. Than the tree is firmer, is especially exact кий reacts at strong blows, and that it is more durable. The materials used for турняков, are various enough. A black rosewood and венге – breeds which are applied in furnish of expensive, exclusive models. These grades besides high technical characteristics, possess also an original colour palette. Thus, additional furnish турняку at all it is not required. The natural invoice of wood in itself is represented a work of art. A series elite киев from эбена is at the moment developed. Masters consider this valuable firm breed of a tree as an ideal material for professional кия. For serial models such classical grades as an amaranth, падук, лайсвуд, ятоба, źa black hornbeam╗ are used. Турняки from an ash-tree in models of a budgetary series are usually painted definitely, simulating the invoice of expensive breeds.

As to шафта here conversations on a variety of a material are inappropriate. Even in inexpensive models the hornbeam is used only. This rigid on structure and at the same time the elastic tree approaches in the ideal image for manufacturing of the given part of the tool. Кий precisely reacts at strong blows, and term of its service more durable. Being elastic enough, the hornbeam at blow on a sphere extinguishes surpluses of energy, extending them on all length кия slow waves. It is equivalent to a shot from a gun. Just as powder blows push a bullet, energy which the player has informed кию, pushes a sphere. That there was no "return", blow should be balanced. The hornbeam copes with this problem better, than any other tree.

It is necessary to notice that not only the tree plays the important role in oscillatory system. In two-member киях (and them in assortment of "Dynamics" the majority) special brass locks – own working out of factory are established. This detail, connecting турняк and шафт, first, provides ideal скрутку. And secondly, brass locks too participate in process of delay of energy, extinguishing the fluctuations going to a back part турняка where already there is a cargo. So, the choice of a correct material is one of important points, but such moment, as its preparation is not less important also. The wood, what excellent it would not be in itself, should pass preliminary processing in special сушильной to the chamber. For this necessary operation factory "Dynamics" management has approached to a question of a choice of the equipment, relying on experience of founders of scientific researches in the field of manufacturing киев - families of Longoni. In manufacture Italian киев which mark is world renowned, research work, high technologies and refined design of production are harmoniously combined. Renzo Longoni recommended to use special press vacuum сушильную the chamber made by Italian company WDE Maspell Srl, speaking about it, as about a basis of all process of manufacturing high-quality киев. WDE Maspell Srl is engaged in development of technologies of vacuum drying more than 40 years. The firm spends tens researches, experts scrupulously study "behaviour" of wood that allows them to make the equipment with which help it is possible to make thrifty use of wood and thus without serious consequences to react to requirements of the market in maximum deadlines.

In given сушильной the tree is possible to the chamber to certain humidity therefore preparation receives ideally equal form and gets necessary qualities to form a basis for the tool with the game characteristics corresponding to shown requirements.

After stay in сушильной to the chamber, a tree still any time "has a rest", passes normalisation process, and then machining begins. Кии an exclusive series from the beginning and up to the end pass through hands of the skilled master. The matter is that at manufacturing of the tool of such level the most thin nuances should be observed. Any trifle is capable to affect seriously game qualities кия. Serial manufacture киев amateur and professional series is operational is broken into some executors. Each expert carries out operation in which it has reached perfection, whether it be preparation брусков, склейка, an additive of locks, polishing or packing. However all this process as a whole occurs under an accurate management and the control of the senior master which watches competent execution of each operation.

After the product has taken the finished form, it goes not at once on a counter, and is located in the acclimatisation chamber where from one about three months adapts for an environment, to its humidity and temperature. Кий it "is observed, checked on possible curvatures and only after the master is assured that with it all in a full order, кий gets on show-windows of shops. Thus, all process of evolution, beginning from бруска a tree and finishing a ready billiard cue, occupies about 4-7 months.

Factory "Dynamics" monthly updates the collections, filling up assortment with new advanced workings out. The lineup is presented by several series: from amateur to professional and elite. Кии various series differ not only material level, but also furnish variants. The the pattern and more quantity of details, the more expensively кий is more thin. Also has put here not only in appearance: experts consider that the more parts make "case", the longer кий keeps the correct form. Within the limits of each series – an order of 6-8 models, different a material from which it is executed турняковая a part. Differently, the solid choice for any taste, appointment and a prosperity is presented.

By the way, about a prosperity. In comparison with other manufacturers киев handwork, "Dynamics" offers, perhaps, most interesting prices for the production. "Price-quality" was possible to reach such optimum parity in many respects thanks to the technological import equipment which has allowed without excessive expenses and losses to optimise manufacture. However, even having reached in manufacture of the main tool of the billiard-player of excellent results, "Dynamics" does not hasten to stop on the reached.

Technologies are improved, masters perfect skills, the new equipment takes root. Manufacturing of quality billiard cues is not only difficult technical, but also the creative work made hands of masters which know about this tool all to the smallest nuances. Only at such approach кий, it having appeared in hands of the sportsman, "will play" and will give the chance to see tremendous game.

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