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On June, 18th, 2009

Three whales of your business or How to open billiard club

About that billiards develops in Russia prompt rates, and it is not necessary to speak: today this fashionable entertainment and fascinating sports, and billiard clubs – profitable business. Provided that you as the businessman have concerned it with a due pragmatism, preliminary having considered each step. The concept, a premise and the equipment – here three whales on whom the success of this business is based. Three key questions which should be solved before doors of your club will swing open before fans of billiard game.

Choice of the concept of club

So, you had an idea to open billiard club and there is a starting capital necessary for it.

Before to be engaged in search of a suitable premise and equipment acquisition, it is important to be defined with the concept of the future club – that is from the very beginning accurately to present, what will be your club what people of a prosperity and, maybe, age will be its visitors. Depending on the concept it is necessary to choose the suitable equipment, to develop an interior of club and a barno-restaurant zone, to plan a set of given services and the price policy of an institution. The success of your business in many respects depends on it.

Now allocate three basic concepts of billiard club: commercial, sports and elite.

The billiard clubs adhering to the commercial concept, are focused on the mass consumer which considers billiard game as a way of carrying out of leisure. In such institutions it is possible to meet both representatives of "middle class", and people with higher prosperity, and students. Commercial clubs, as a rule, offer a wide spectrum of other entertaining services against which the gain from hire of billiard tables usually is not the main income item. Its considerable part will be brought by a bar and kitchen. In the neighbourhood with billiard tables also there can be slot machines. Happens that the billiard room is a part of the whole entertaining complex.

Recently the increasing popularity is got by the sports concept. The basic contingent of visitors of such clubs is made by professional billiard-players and players who aspire to become those. Hence, conditions for game should be faultless. If under certain conditions it is possible to equip commercial billiard rooms with budgetary tables and accessories in sports clubs it is inadmissible. Professional players estimate first of all quality of the equipment.

Can seem that sports billiard rooms – less favourable business, than commercial. But it not so. First, the professional player visits club regularly, without feeling sorry for time and means for self-development. Secondly, in sports billiard rooms hold mass competitions which not only increase the income of an institution at the expense of sale of tickets, but also serve as excellent advertising of club. Thanks to the thought over attraction of sponsors this advertising can be absolutely free. By the way, if you give possibility free of charge or with the considerable discount to train in club to prize-winners of large competitions, it will draw also fans of billiards.

Clubs with the elite concept are calculated on well-founded clients. The expensive equipment, a magnificent interior, a refined cuisine, exclusive services, faultless service and, as result, - a high price level. Each element of conditions, whether it be кий or tablewares should underline a club elitism. The institution income in this case in many respects depends on a gain of barno-restaurant sector, however the prices in the menu should be slightly more low, than the prices at elite restaurant to compensate high cost of billiard party. To choose the concept most favourable to you, it is necessary to consider also its future site, to find out, what already existing entertaining institutions will make a competition to club. Therefore it is expedient to develop "the ideological" party of the enterprise in parallel with search of a suitable premise.

Premise choice

The visitors are found by the clubs located both in city centre, and on suburb. The main thing that the similar institution (and billiards in general) has been claimed among inhabitants of area or was near to a convenient traffic intersection. Because of congestion transport of the central part of a megacity and a lack of parking platforms fans of billiards with a privately owned vehicle prefer such club even if it is far from the house.

The premise under club should be spacious enough for an arrangement of necessary quantity of tables, furniture, a bar, kitchen, subsidiary and office sectors. So, for each table the territory 30 – 40 м2 depending on its dimensions is required. For example, for Russian pyramid it is 7,0 * 5,3 m (12-foot), for a pool – 5,6 * 4,4 m (9-foot). These indicators develop of the area occupied with a table, and the minimum distance from boards to the walls, the next tables, furniture etc., which should be not less lengths кия for maintenance of comfortable game of visitors. As a whole the average total area on the sizes of club on 8 – 10 tables makes 400 – 450 м2. If indoors there are columns, think, whether they will prevent a rational arrangement of game tables.

For billiard clubs of a commercial orientation the typical phenomenon – separate the VIP-room for private game or the whole VIP-hall. Here, except a billiard table, there should be a convenient sofa or armchairs, a coffee table, not a rarity – the TV or the musical centre. Therefore, developing a club lay-out, it is necessary to consider and it.

In sports clubs usually place screens for translation of matches which should be looked through freely practically from any point of a hall. The additional space and in the event that you plan to arrange billiard tournaments in the future club Is required. Think in advance, whether the place for visitors of competitions will suffice.

Often under billiard club equip a house ground floor. In this case in advance calculate height of ceilings and estimate a premise microclimate on which correction additional expenses be required.

Correctly to consider all features of a premise and to find an optimum variant of a lay-out of club, be not too lazy to make the detailed drawing, and address to experts who besides will professionally develop an interior is better. These expenses will shortly justify themselves.

Equipment choice

Equipment choice – the most important step on which competitiveness of club in many respects depends. And here many can make the main mistake: to spend the budget most part for smart conditions, having saved at purchase of billiard tables and necessary accessories. Practice shows that similar it is possible to afford only in the absence of a serious competition. But such economy can easily turn back against you if the billiard club which owner has not stinted the high-quality equipment nearby opens. Even the player-fan will feel at once a difference.

Today in Russia there is variety of manufacturers of billiard production, but only units from them make the certificated tables. The equipment for your club – whether it be tables for Russian billiards, a pool or снукера – necessarily should have the certificate of Federation of billiard sports of Russia, confirming its conformity to rigid sports standards. Especially it concerns tables for the Russian pyramid, technical nuances having set. Because of it the foreign origin of billiard tables especially does not guarantee their high quality: for foreigners Russian billiards – the same exotic, as for Russians карамболь. Tables for club application should be heavy and possess high rigidity of a design. On these indicators unconditional leaders – billiards on the basis of a metal skeleton. They cost more expensive not usual tables on a wooden frame, but at the same time it is incomparably more reliable than the last and easily maintain enormous club loading.

As a basis of a game field the plate 40 – 45 mm from ардезии – natural natural slate is preferable in the thickness. Tables on ДСП, marble and other substitutes suit only carrying out of house leisure: they are short-lived and unstable to external influences, on such plates absolutely other peal of spheres. Cloth for a game field should possess high density and approach for a concrete version of billiard game. ФБСР recommends the Belgian mark Iwan Simonis.

Billiard tables for club application under the qualitative characteristics should be the such.

It is necessary to find only the manufacturer who offers wide assortment of models and adheres thus to the liberal price policy. It means that you can choose from the presented variants approaching on design, a complete set and, of course, costs. Special attention give to those models of tables which always are available: it indirectly testifies to their popularity. And, certainly, get only tables of that manufacturer which provides guarantee and service.

If to speak about kinds of billiard game at visitors of clubs Russian pyramid uses the greatest popularity. However among billiard-players it is a lot of and fans of a pool. Therefore if you plan to equip the club, say, with 15th tables, at least 3 - 4 from them should be пуловскими. If the club of a commercial direction, a share of tables for a pool can reach and half from total. Recently in some large clubs it is possible to see and a table for снукера. It is necessary to remember also that the majority of visitors prefers to play tables with the big game field (10 – 12 foots for Russian pyramid and 8 – 9 foots for a pool). Consider that professional billiard-players always play tables with the maximum sizes of a game field.

Equipping the future club, be reserved киями different marks and price categories. The players who are taking a great interest in billiards not one year, understand marks and often prefer колодным, one-compound киям кии handwork which are ready to hire in the same club for an additional payment. As to spheres, it can be only Belgian Aramith. Spheres from other manufacturers anyhow concede to them on quality and often do not maintain high club loading. The system of the account of time should be chosen proceeding from institution scales. For example, for small club will approach боллтаймеры – compact metal боксы with the built in counter fixing duration of each game and the sum of all games on a concrete table. For a billiard room on 10 tables more progressive system of the account connected with illumination over a concrete table also is more optimum. Last becomes automatically more active and switched off at inclusion and illumination deenergizing over each of tables, keeping in memory duration of all played parties and the sum of payment for them. Built in a table жетонный the mechanism suits only those cafe and bars in which billiards is an additional source of the income. An equipment choice – very much a serious problem with which under force to consult only to real professionals. The authoritative manufacturer will help to pick up correctly for your club not only tables, but also all accompanying billiard attributes, up to кивниц and мелков. Therefore co-operate only with that supplier of the equipment who offers service in complex equipment of a billiard room "on a turn-key basis".

At last

Certainly, some questions connected with opening of billiard club, remained behind a shot. Pricing, detailed working out of an interior, the bar organisation, cost of a premise and a club recoupment – these and other problems have set of variants of the decision. Much depends not only on your personal preferences, but also from region: not a secret that the price level and degree of development of billiards strongly differ in cities of Russia and the CIS and even within one settlement. However at last we will give you some councils:

  • The clubs equipped at least восемью with billiard tables use the greatest popularity. If this number is less, business can appear unprofitable.
  • Try to create in club unique atmosphere by means of high level of the service, interesting subjects of an interior, traditions, systems of bonuses for clients, the menu with "billiard" names … it often involves fans of billiards.
  • Remember that only professional tables from the authoritative manufacturer, having certificate ФБСР, can provide success of billiard club, irrespective of its concept;
  • Leasing will help you to make expenses for acquisition of the expensive equipment by less notable and to avoid economy on the equipment.
  • Establish "the floating" cost per lot depending on day of week and time of days to involve as much as possible visitors and it is more rational to use game tables. In the evening and in the days off establish the maximum tariff, and at early o'clock – minimum.
  • The best advertising for billiard club are responses of visitors, and for sports billiard rooms – also tournaments. Other advertising means, as a rule, serve only as addition to them.

Are assured that your enterprise scent and genuine interest to billiard game will bring success to your billiard club!

Vyacheslav Gorchakov

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