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On October, 22nd, 2009

How to choose кий

Кий for the billiard-player all the same that a sword for the soldier. Therefore and relations at them develop in a special way. In mythological legends heroes allocated the weapon with human qualities, gave it names, and in gratitude it served them faithfully. To extract a good sword which in the future becomes the true friend and the defender, it was necessary to be started up in wearisome travel, to overcome hundreds barriers, to engage with powers of darkness... The Modern soldier of the billiard world, fortunately, does not need to endanger the life of a constant to extract that «the happy weapon». Billiard salons offer a huge choice киев different marks and models. But how from this varieties that billiard salons offer to choose what is necessary? We will try to understand with this question.

If you appear in a billiard room not to pass away time between restaurant and night club if you feel that game has carried away you seriously and for a long time - it is a high time to reflect on acquisition own кия. Desire to build beautiful combinations and to beat difficult blows, instead of to be content with "little fools", logically involves desire to play the qualitative tool, instead of club колодником.

Place choice

Will pay the attention first of all to specialised salons. Council is banal, but nevertheless its urgency is obvious. The big shop with impressing assortment – bright acknowledgement to that firm solid and untwisted. An ideal variant will be, if the billiard shop belongs to the company-manufacturer or representatives of its dealer network.
As the manufacturer in a greater degree bears responsibility for the production, the chance to face the poor-quality goods and unfair service is shown to a minimum.
It is good, if the billiard club is combined with salon – you there and then can test the tool which has attracted to you with comfort. If there is no club it is desirable that in a shop exposition there was at least one billiard table on which to you will allow to make some blows.

The question price

Process of acquisition of any product, whether it be the goods or service, logically begins with budget definition. The ideal parity between game qualities and the price is concentrated in price group from 3500 to 10000 roubles. In this category кии can differ on quality of a material, complexity of a pattern and on marks. To confirm, what firm is better, what is worse, there is no sense: at each manufacturer the admirers, here all is subjective enough.
Everything that is below the specified price list – the goods, more likely, for mass application. Roughly saying, that "is not a pity". Кии this bottom price category willingly get the billiard rooms calculated on the mass visitor, bars, and also other institutions including billiard zones.
Кии the senior price category from 10000 roubles is, as a rule, author's works. Though such price lists meet and in a batch production is, more often, a payment or for very prestigious brand, or for effective appearance. Getting work of the known master, you can be assured of its ideal game characteristics. After all in this case all process of manufacture, from бруска a tree to a finished article, passes through hands of the person which knows about creation киев all.
However professional players quite often advise to the pupils not to rush at once on expensive author's models. Representation about "the" tool comes gradually, with experience. Most likely, you will try much киев while at you in a head the ideal image will be generated. And here then it is possible to address to the master who will make the tool under your requirements. On such кий which will serve to you long time, it is not a pity to spend the solid sum.

90-60-90 for a billiard cue

So, we were defined with we can devastate what part of a purse, and have chosen the price category most suitable to us. Now it is necessary to be convinced that the models which have pleasant to us approach under so-called standard "quality standards". Experts allocate some indicators to which it is necessary to pay attention at a choice кия.
The length кия for game in Russian pyramid varies within 150–165 see In general it is recommended to define the size кия «under itself» as follows. Put кий near to itself on a floor – its label should be at level of lips. The optimum size кия for game in a pool – 144–146 see
The weight кия for Russian pyramid is in an interval 600–850 г, for a pool – 450–690 As is visible, disorder wide enough, all depends on used materials. For beginners the value close to the middle will be optimum. In an ideal the relation of weight of a sphere which you play, to кию should be 1:2.
Diameter of a bumper (the bottom basis) should make 28–30 mm, diameter of a label (the top end кия) 10–14 mm. The point of balance at "Russian" кия is on distance of 42-45 sm from a bumper, at кия for game in a pool – on distance of 39-50 sm from a bumper.
Much кия will tell about quality a material of which it is made. Firm breeds do кий by more "strict", it reacts at strong blows more precisely and serves longer. Such grades of a tree as a black rosewood, эбен, венге, are applied in furnish турняков expensive, exclusive models – besides high technical characteristics they possess also an original colour palette. Softer grades – мореный an oak, махагон, an amaranth, падук, лайсвуд – "forgive" some errors of technics, therefore кии, made of these breeds, approach for beginning players more.
As material for шафта good "Russian" кия the strongest breeds of wood serve. Traditionally it is a hornbeam. The tree structure is obliged to be ideal – any knots, curvatures and other defects. Fibres should go lengthways шафта.
It is not necessary to forget, what even the most expensive material can lose the valuable qualities if it has been incorrectly prepared – take an interest in this question at the seller. The tree used in manufacture киев of known marks which has deserved trust, usually passes long processing in special сушильных chambers. The well-known manufacturer киев "Longoni" who harmoniously combines research work in manufacture, high technologies and refined design of production, recommends to use special press vacuum сушильную the chamber made by company WDE Maspell Srl. This achievement of the Italian firm which is engaged in development of technologies of vacuum drying more than 40 years, is used and in the Russian manufacture киев «Dinamika Billiards». In such сушильной the tree is possible to the chamber to certain humidity therefore preparation receives ideally equal form and gets necessary qualities to form a basis for the tool with high game characteristics.
Some manufacturers now offer plastic кии. But the billiard public in the majority prefers a tree. Also has put at all in conservatism of sights – objectively technical characteristics wooden киев 10 times more plastic.
Though there are elite models with puff шафтом, made of firm breeds of a tree between which layers углепластиков, for example фибергласа are laid. Thus, the design unites advantages of a tree and plastic.
Compound шафт some expensive models can look as follows. The end шафта becomes from very firm tree (3–5 sm), and other part – from a hornbeam, sometimes in a combination to softer wood giving open space of design thought. Thus, the most intense part remains as much as possible steady against loadings, and itself кий turns literally to a work of art!
Speaking about external furnish кия, it is important to remember that complexity of a pattern it is not simple «decorative изыск». Experts are assured that the more parts make "case" qualitatively made кия, the longer it keeps the correct form. The more запилов, the fibres of a tree are shorter and less they are subject by that to negative influence of atmosphere which washes to cause any deformations. Therefore многозапильный кий is better and longer keeps the straightforwardness.

It is important to make sure that кий is made really qualitatively: in cheap models the compound structure can loosen and displace cargo, changing centering. In киях a budgetary series usually type-setting registration can be simulated by a film with drawing.

The test – a drive

However to choose really worthy tool, it is not enough to have enough of denominations in a purse and to be able to distinguish sub-standard model from the model which parametres strictly correspond to the established norms. The most important is so-called «feeling кия». Take кий in hands some seconds, make pair of blows – the hand itself will prompt to you, whether can name you this tool «» or not.
Taking pleasant кий in hands, you also can use some simple receptions to understand, how much it is good. After all the major condition of confident game are sensations of the player.
Put шафт on a billiard table and прокатите it. It should go softly and exactly, on all length adjoining to cloth. Tip palpation will give out presence of non-uniform centering – very serious problem which will be shown in change of shock characteristics кия at its rotation. Do the same operation with турняком. However before to begin experiment, be convinced that cloth on a table equal and pure.
After you have checked up шафт and турняк on straightforwardness separately, connect them together and once again apply the same test. If, being in itself, parts кия went smoothly enough, and at their connection there was an effect of curvature, at кия problems with a joint.
Examine a label – its edges should be equal and have well ground sphere on the end. Press a nail on a surface. If a label rigid enough, any traces should not remain.
Check up, it is how much easy шафт slides on a skin. The varnish coat on it should be equal, without flows and having chopped off. Потрите a finger connection шафта with a tip – in an ideal you should not feel a joint. The same with a place скрутки шафта and турняка – the connection density should be uniform. In practice it is checked simply enough. Slightly turn off шафт that кий was in slightly stirred up condition. Take it for турняк and slightly shake – the amplitude of fluctuations should be minimum. Between manufacturing киев and musical instruments not casually often draw parallels. It is said that skilled masters-kievniki are capable to define quality that is called, on hearing. Try to make it and you. Take турняк in one hand and slightly knock with it on a palm of other hand, at the same time slightly turning it. You should hear an easy monophonic sound of a tree on all surface taped thus. If you hear jingling additional sounds or emptiness, it means that in турняке there is an air hole – result of drying.
Summing up, we will note the main thing. Even if кий was ideally suited under standard parametres, has attracted to you under the price and has sustained all tests, do not hasten to get it if as speak in the people, «does not lie smothering». Happens that expensive model inlaid with jewels from the master remains the stranger many long years and does not bring good luck, and the most modest кий suddenly will lay down in a hand, will share the power and becomes for you that happy weapon with which help you will come out the winner from any meeting!

Maria Loginovsky has prepared



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After perusal of given article very much it wanted to touch my "favourite"
Article entertaining enough also is written by a literary language, but at it there are big defects, for example, the author does not open advantage plastic кия from the wooden.
One more defect is that the author has not told about that what кий better to take односоставный or more.
тыкже it is not told about means on care кием (((and about that how correctly to choose, paste and process a nozzle on кий.
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