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Read in №1 (21) from October, 22nd, 2009

From the editor

Dear readers! There was a first issue of the magazine «the Billiard world» completely in the electronic version.


The championship of Asia: a bronze doublet of Russia
It seems that it is time to appropriate already Almaty a rank of capital of world billiards, because with such periodicity as there, the international tournaments on the Pyramid are not spent anywhere. From June, 26 till June, 29th in Kazakhstan has passed the open championship of Asia in which 80 sportsmen from 9 countries have taken part.
Command cup of Russia among men: ahead – Moscow
In September the attention of fans of sports billiards has been chained to Perm. In this city passed a traditional command cup of Russia on which representatives of regions have gathered. Women left the first to tables of a sports complex "Sport hall". After several intense days of struggle the leader of tournament has come to light: the cup was taken away home by sportswomen from St.-Petersburg. After girls struggle for leadership in triathlon there have begun men.
Addresses of champions – Kemerovo and Novosibirsk
The majority of participants of the Open cup of Russia "Longoni" automatically have removed to a camp of participants of the championship of Russia on «the Dynamical pyramid». Have joined them into what plans did not enter оспариватькубок "Longoni". Thus, the quantity wishing to argue for medals of man's national championship has increased to 124 persons – quite comprehensible figure for a tournament grid on 128 sportsmen. They have arrived to Petersburg more than from 40 regions of Russia.
«The white nights of Petersburg»
Participants of the Open cup of Russia have gathered in a fantastic, bewitching time of the white nights to Petersburg already in the eighth time of "Longoni" on «the Dynamical pyramid». This time them was 112 – record figure that speaks about finding by this game all new and new adherents. Its geography – over 30 regions of Russia. On tournament there have arrived also billiard-players from Azerbaijan, Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine and the Wales.
The World championship on "Eight": a revenge of Ralfa the Bough
When in 2006 Ronato Alkano has won in the World championship on "Nine", the Bough cried. However has passed time, and in the end of April 2009 destiny has reduced again old contenders. This time they could sort out relations in struggle for a title of the world champion on "Eight". And now Ralf the Bough has not blundered any more.
Russians master снукер
Carrying out of the European championship of 2009 on снукеру is primary has been planned in Turkey. But Turks have refused to become owners of tournament. The European Association of billiards and снукера in an emergency order has begun search of the country, ready to hold so representative competitions.
The World championship on снукеру: And again Ronni!
«Yes it simply genius!» – so commentators when Ronni О’Салливан in a quiet and easy manner has won the World championship on снукеру, passing in Sheffield from April, 19th till May, 5th shouted. This victory has brought to it already the third title in his career «best of the best». However not only one О’Салливан has made furore in the world-2009 championship.


Factory "Start": today we have all possibilities to be the Leader
Having taken in the market in the lead positions, the company does not reduce rates of development: this year scale expansion of manufacture was carried out. The correspondent «БМ» has made excursion on new factory of the largest Russian manufacturer of billiard tables.

The person

Olga Muhortova: I have matured
Olga Muhortova is for a long time already a bright figure in the Siberian billiard community. First, without its participation any cup of Siberia does not manage: to it all the same that its contenders – a male. And secondly, it it is simple very effective girl who should be noticed. In June of this year a name of the new champion of Russia on «the Dynamical pyramid» the country has learnt all.
Hurricane of troubles – Alex Higgins's tragic story
«What do I think of Higgins? It absolutely abnormal. Money and glory have played with it a malicious joke. What improbable way to leave from a scene! I hope, with me there will be something similar», – Lajam Gallaher from a rock group «Oasis» has told somehow. Really, for the British culture Alex Higgins – a figure sign. In due time it has completely changed image снукера, having made its mass and entertainment game. It has learnt launches and falling. The hooligan, the hero, the champion, the loser – all it about it.
Olga Prokofiev: when I play with the son, to me the main thing – to lose
Olga Prokofiev has literally rushed into hearts of spectators in image inimitable, a little shitty and amusing Jeanne Arkadevny from a serial «My fine nurse», and here some years she is a daily visitor in our houses. And here on the favourite summer residence the actress happens far not so often. But if it is possible to get out there, it necessarily allocates some hours to play billiards with the son, sixteen-year Alexander.


How to choose the first кий
If you appear in a billiard room not to pass away time between restaurant and night club if you feel that game has carried away you seriously and for a long time - it is a high time to reflect on acquisition own кия. Desire to build beautiful combinations and to beat difficult blows, instead of to be content with "little fools", logically involves desire to play the qualitative tool, instead of club колодником.

Master class

We continue conversation with the deserved master of sports Jury Pashchinsky about subtleties of billiard skill. A theme of a today's lesson – simple blows.

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